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United Astrology Conference 2012
May 24-29, 2012 in New Orleans, USA

From May 24th to May 29 2012, the United Astrology Conference UAC took place in New Orleans, where up to 1'500 participants from all over the world enjoyed the presentations of 120 speakers.

It is May 24 and in Miami it is pouring. I am flying to New Orleans, where the sun is shining brightly and the temperatures are in the 80's. Already on the flight a passenger delights his seat mate loudly with astrological forecasts and wisdom to his date of birth. Amused about this, my own seat neighbor tells me that in New Orleans an astrology congress is being held, and that this loud gentleman must be an astrologer. This, she says with a knowing smile, explains everything. I don't tell her that I am an astrologer myself and on the way to this very congress ...

New Orleans is considered the center of the southern States of America. It has a casual charm and is influenced by the many cultures existing here. The Hotel Marriott, where the conference is being held, proves to be an excellent choice. Located in the middle of the French quarter with its numerous possibilities to go out and its night life entertainment, and near the banks of the Mississippi and the Riverwalk, it is an ideal starting point to get to know the fun-loving, warm, and welcoming nature of the South before, between and after the presentations. Everywhere you encounter friends of astrology who take advantage of this opportunity. They are easy to recognize because of their name tags and the red shoulder bag, which everyone receives at registration and which apparently are only taken off during sleep.

The modern Hotel Marriott has no problem to accommodate the well over a thousand participants. After the opening ceremonies on Thursday evening, around 60 events are being held daily. They are divided into four sessions and take place on several levels in larger and smaller rooms. The organization works well. More problems for the participants of the conference causes the modern elevator system of the hotel. Quite a few spend their breaks to get from one floor to another instead of sharing astrological insights with their colleagues. The stairway is not necessarily an alternative, if you want, for example, to get from the 44th to the 8th floor. The run on the elevators during the conference breaks brings the system to its limits. And it gets around quickly among the other guests, to better avoid the elevator when the astrologers are having their break. Personally, I am happy having refused the upgrade for a room on the upper floors with a more beautiful view over the city and the Mississippi River, which has been offered to me at check-in. In this way, I can deal the problem by climbing stairs. However, the elevator is just an amusing topic in conversations and can not detract the consistently good mood from anyone.

The wide range of presentations is rounded off by a marketplace, with booths of many well-known organizations and associations, which have supported the event financially and co-organized it. The Association for Astrological Networking (AFAN), the International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR), the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR), the American College of Vedic Astrology (ACVA) and the Council of Vedic Astrology (CVA) are represented. There is also a large bookshop, in which virtually all English editions of the books by Bruno and Louise Huber are found.

The Huber method is also represented at the UAC. Jacqueline Janes, a psychotherapist and astrologer from Connecticut, gives a talk about the Huber age point. Although she has not visited a Huber school, she has used both the Huber horoscope drawings and the age point for many, many years. Some time ago, she has figured out for herself in her consulting practice how valuable the age point can be. The approximately 35 participants, who visit her talk at the UAC, have some trouble with the calculation of the age point, but its interpretation and the colored aspect patterns find great appeal. Some participants would like to download a program for the calculation of age point to their iPad.

Other topics include: Essentials of Astrology, Forecasting Trends / Cycles, Finance and Business, Mysticism, Divination and Applied Myths, Political and Mundane, East meets West, Vedic, Esoteric / Philosophical / Spiritual, History Through Time and Culture, Myths and Archetypes, Consulting and Healing, Predictive Techniques, Specialties and more. Talks are being held by lots of well-known speakers such as Nick Campion, Robert Blaschke, Bernadette Brady, Melanie Reinhart, Ray Merriman, Deborah Houlding, Alan Oken, Richard Tarnas, and others more.

Switzerland is represented by two speakers, both of the SFER (School for Adults - Psychological Astrology and related Areas). Verena Bachmann gives two talks with the subjects "Looking forward to new female Archetypes" and "Understanding the Relationship between Consciousness and Healing". Claude Weiss speaks about the two topics "Venus and the 8-year Cycle in Stocks" and "2012-2014: when Uranus and Pluto hit major national Charts - Potential for Crisis and Change".

The main conference is framed by pre and post conferences, as well as various workshops. Social occasions are also not neglected: on Friday evening, there is a music event with Cajun food, hot band and bowling at a local club in New Orleans. On Saturday, there is a show of master entertainer Martin Lutin. And on Monday, the Regulus Awards, the most prestigious astrological awards on various topics, are presented. All in all, I have a good time in the Big Easy, an exciting American city. I can refresh old acquaintances and meet new friends of astrology. The trip is well worth it.

United Astrology Conference 2012

'From the Heart of the Galaxy to New Orleans'
May 24-29, 2012 in New Orleans, USA


United Astrology Conference 2012

Diploma-Seminar Astrological Psychology

July 6-13 and 24-31, 2014 in the Humboldthaus in Achberg at the Bodensee, Germany.

The offer addresses everyone interested. Profound knowledge of Astrological Psychology is recommended.
The event can be booked as a whole, weekly or theme-related, 1 or 2 days.
To obtain the diploma in astrological psychology education at one of the institutes of IAAP has to be proven.


Panorama Achberg

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