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International Akademy for Astrological Psychology

At the IAAP international expert teachers offer high-quality training in astrological psychology up to the certificate as an astrological psychological consultant. The basic and advanced levels are also available as a distance learning course.


Distance Learning Astrological Psychology

Distance-learning offers you the freedom to enjoy a flexible study schedule and in this way fit in perfectly with your own life situation. The basic and advanced level courses are divided into six modules with six lessons each and are available as a hard copy through mail, or it can be downloaded in PDF format. Professional feedback and guidance is given by your personal tutor via email, skype, phone or mail.

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International Association of Astrological Psychology IFAP

IFAP connects and supports all who study astrological psychology for self-help or apply it professionally. It represents, as a reputable association, professional astrology in public and protects its members against attack and reputational damage.


Astrolog Journal for Astrological Psychology

The Astrolog as a magazine helps link all those interested in astrological psychology.

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