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astrological psychology

Astrological Psychology

Astrological psychology is a field of psychology, developed by Bruno and Louise Huber at the Astrological Psychological Institute in Adliswil (Switzerland), which uses astrology as a diagnostic tool.

It is an excellent method to get to know more about our potentials. Our self-awareness gets increased, and we can gain more understanding of ourselves and others. Hidden patterns that have influence on our behavior can be revealed and brought to consciousness. In this way, it gives new impulses to create our life more consciously.

Astrological psychology does not intend to predict or foretell future events. It's purpose is to help achieve self-knowledge: who we are, why we are what we are, where we come from and where we're going. With the help of the in this way obtained consciousness what we experience as reality can be changed and recreated.

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"Know thyself! How One Becomes What One is." Nietzsche

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