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Books by Bruno and Louise Huber

Reflections & Meditations on the Signs
Amer Federation of Astrologers Inc. - June 1984

In distinct and impressive words, the underlying motivations and essential transformation crises of each zodiac sign are described. A special are the full moon meditation texts with the esoteric seed ideas that allow the reader to have a physical experience of each sign quality. This book lives from an abundance of esoteric knowledge and satisfies all spiritual seekers.

Die Tierkreiszeichen

The Astrological Houses
Weiser Books - March 1994

When using the Koch House System for charts, you will soon be able to interpret the planets in the houses and better comprehend their impact on behavior in everyday life.
The discovery of the intensity curve is revolutionary, because it shows the exact degree of introversion and extraversion, in full compliance with psychological analyses!

Die astrologischen Häuser

The Planets and their Psychological Meaning
HopeWell - January 1, 2006

In this book, the planets are depicted comprehensively as characteristics and tools of the personality, for the first time as a goal of development for the transformed level. The planets are very complex and applicable on different levels, so you can always learn new things about them.

Planeten als Funktionsorgane

Aspect Pattern Astrology
HopeWell - January 15, 2005

It contains or includes a comprehensive teaching of aspect patterns with full description and differentiated interpretations of more than 45 aspect patterns in the chart, nicely printed in color. It is a magnificently designed educational book, which is part of the standard works of modern astrology.


HopeWell - February 15, 2006

An excellent diagnostic tool for the psychological practice. Using the example of C.G. Jung's CV, you will experience how complex and important the effect of the age point was in his life. This is indeed amazing and convincing for astrologers too. The AP (age point) is a discovery that brings valuable understanding, even without previous knowledge.

Die Lebensuhr

Moon Node Astrology
HopeWell - November 1, 2005

Fundamental problems of the evolution of man, such as tests, karma, initiation etc. as opportunities for further development are discussed in a manner for individual application. In this fascinating book, you will get valuable, holistic interpretations about what the Moon Node axis reveals in signs, houses and aspects.


Transformation: Astrology as a Spiritual Path
HopeWell - July 23, 2008

Content: Dynamic quadrant, stress planets, houses horoscope, horoscope of integration and some important themes of the out of print book "LifeClock" such as the processes of transformation in age progression, the Moon Node age point and others. A revealing and valuable book!


Astrology and the Seven Rays
HopeWell - January 12, 2006

This book gives an introduction in easily understandable language to the psychological application of the seven rays in connection with astrology. You now have the opportunity to learn about your own individual ray combination and those of your friends and colleagues. You will get insights into your being and your development objective in a way not possible through ordinary chart interpretation.

Die Astrologie und die sieben Strahlen

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