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The International Academy for Astrological Psychology IAAP offers a complete education in becoming an astrological psychological consultant.

The studies are divided up into basic, advanced and diploma courses. Typically the diploma is achieved in about 2-3 years. The knowledge is acquired in classic seminars or via distance learning and deepened as well as learnt to apply in study groups.

You are attending a training at one of IAAPs schools or taking courses at another school of astrological psychology?
I am pleased to offer you:

  • assistance concerning any questions that may appear during your studies
  • a partner for inspiring conversations to improve the subject matter
  • supervision as a tutor
  • the organisation of study groups to deepen the material and as a preparation for your activity as a consultant

All offers available in English or German.


  • personal consultation via phone or skype
  • written consultation via mail or e-mail

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